Given the recent developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to share what we are doing to support the health and safety of our associates and customers.

Health & Safety

We are 100% focused on safety. Keeping our employees and customers safe is our top priority and we are utilizing several measures to support their continued well-being. These include:

We are continually reinforcing CDC Illness Prevention Guidelines to all employees. We have directed all them not to report to work if they have symptoms that are consistent with CDC guidance and to contact a medical professional. We are also closely monitoring and following guidance and advice regarding this illness.

Our operational team is working closely with our distributors and vendors to provide oversight on these protocols, including return to work decisions.

We already had a robust quality assurance program and safety standards in place, which we have reinforced and added to. We are sanitizing all high-touch surfaces at an increased frequency throughout the day, including kitchen equipment, tables, and chairs. We have also added greeters to assist and add awareness to your arrival and departure of our facility.

At times like this, there is tremendous joy in knowing that as a small privately-owned company, we can take the position to protect and support our employees and other local businesses. We are lively, passionate, motivated, and ready to get back to work with our amazing clients!